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At UMI, you will have the opportunity to take part in making the community better, and connecting students through music. We are a friendly team of people, and we value everyone's contribution and ideas.

If you're interested in one or more of the following positions, let us know. We can't wait to hear from you!

We are looking for:

Let us know if you're interested! We'd love to hear from you at ubcmusicinitiative@gmail.com.

Community Executives

As a community exec, your main responsibilities will include:

  • Running UMI concerts as a team in our various concert venues
  • Helping to recruit and guide UMI members in performing at concerts
  • Performing at concerts yourself, especially in times of need
  • Also partaking in other areas of the club, such as social events, fundraisers, etc.

We are hoping you are someone who:

  • Enjoys being able to perform and share your music with others
  • Has a passion for giving back to the community
  • Is comfortable leading others and facilitating a welcoming atmosphere at concerts
  • Loves seeing the joy and excitement music can bring to people's lives!

Social Executives

As a social exec, your main responsibilities will include:

  • As a team, planning social events that encourage participation and bonding
  • Hosting events, and helping members to mingle and feel at ease
  • Raising awareness for upcoming events and concerts, both on and off campus
  • Being a part of other club activities, such as fundraisers, community concerts, etc.

We are hoping you are someone who:

  • Is about to burst with all your wacky and creative ideas
  • Can bring enthusiasm and friendliness to help those who might be a little more shy
  • Loves organizing events and having tons of fun along the way
  • Is all about meeting people and making new friends!

Media Executives

For photographers and videographers, your main responsibilities will include:

  • Being present at concerts and social events to take pictures/videos of the good times
  • Uploading pictures/videos to our Facebook/Youtube page
  • Editing pictures/videos for better presentation

As the social media manager, you will be tasked with:

  • Maintaining our Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Providing new and frequent status updates/tweets
  • Organizing page contents and responding to posts

As the graphic designer, you will be tasked with:

  • Designing posters for both online and physical use
  • Handling the aesthetics aspect of UMI

Finance Executives

Marketing Executives